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Property Manager

88 Coast Boulevard Papamoa Beach 3118


Offer quality properties to your tenants and they will look after your investment. “What we offer tenants reflects what we expect from them”.


Vivienne became a property manager after a career which included social work and teaching.


She has worked with LJ Hooker as a Property Manager since November 2016. Her professional and life experience as a mother of two along with the skills developed working with people in her careers have given her skills to sum people up quickly and accurately.


Vivienne has successfully raised and trained her own horses – she recognises that her actions with care and training can make or break their ability to be safe riding partners for her and those who use them. Her practical experience in property maintenance enhances her ability to recognise and anticipate problem areas.


Vivienne’s strengths includes

Having high expectations of tenants in the properties she manages

Ability to select quality tenants

Honest working relationships with both tenants and landlords

Tactfully forthright when the situation warrants it

Working knowledge of tenancy law – achieved by experience

Acting immediately and effectively

Strong communication and reporting skills


“I have been able to take responsibility for and refine my own portfolio under the personal portfolio model and have the opportunity to prove myself to my owners as being reliable and conscientious – with the ability to circumvent and manage concerns quickly and successfully – with the support and resources and quality management and administration.”


Vivienne keeps her industry knowledge up to date by the regular training provided and by networking with other stakeholders.


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