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88 Coast Boulevard Papamoa Beach 3118


I am a Sports Mum of a 16 year old Athlete.  I believe in Family First.  I believe in hard work, honesty and working smarter.  Life’s challenges has made us strong, and we live life with intention, faith and optimism.


Charlie and I are an outdoor active family, and enjoy everything Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty has to offer.  When I am not working, you will usually find me at a BMX track, Mountain Bike Park, Lake, Beach or Dog Walk.   It would not be unusual to find me working from those locations either, with Nature providing the most incredible office space, while Charlie gets her training in.  A win/win.


I have a background in the Beauty Industry, Radio Industry, and Legal Industry.

The Beauty Industry taught me customer service, attention to detail, that

everyone has a ‘story’ and we should remain kind and compassionate.  I was also in the  privileged position to learn personal information and held my clients

confidentiality in high regard.  Radio taught me Marketing and Promotion

building and the importance of quantifiable results. Law taught me

administrative systems and to be cautious and thorough and to protect people to the best of my ability.


Honesty and Integrity above all.  I am not afraid to have hard conversations on your behalf.  And I am not afraid to walk away from a deal if it is bad business.  I want only the best Real Estate journey and outcomes for my clients.  We cant always avoid problems, but we can navigate and negotiate our response to them.


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